Mark Pellington is a director that has proven himself on every entertainment platform. His story is legendary. A Baltimore native, Pellington makes his way to Manhattan to work at MTV. After producing some cutting edge programming (BUZZ), Pellington starts directing music videos. His iconic imagery and storytelling for Pearl Jam’s song “Jeremy” becomes the most popular in history and most honored music video of all time. The video ignites a booming directorial career that would soon include movies (ARLINGTON ROAD, THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES), docs (U2 3D), tv series (BLINDSPOT, COLD CASE), and commercials for a diverse cross section of brands such as GMC, Merck, and Apple.

Pellington’s desire for directing spots is evident. “It can be immensely satisfying creatively when the ad agency and client put their faith and trust in my vision. It allows one to work in short bursts with great cinematographers, while the platform affords you the resources to refine technique, try the latest toys and tools to tell the story.”

Pellington continues to excel on all screens. He is starting his second season on the NBC hit TV series Blindspot. His feature film The Last Word, starring Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried, premiers at Sundance Film Festival and is slated for release March 2017.


MARK PELLINGTON | The Last Word - Official Trailer



Mark Pellington | Apple

Mark Pellington | Merck

MARK PELLINGTON | Blindspot Trailer

MARK PELLINGTON | The Shelters - Gold