Bringing things to life is passionate business, whether it’s a beautiful mannequin indulging in chocolate, or a simple potato out-maneuvering an action toy. Director Chris Delaporte knows this well. He is the creative mind who turned these and many other inanimate things into objects with desires. His work, including spots for Nestlé, Canal SAT, Coca-Cola, Kinect and CNPIT, combine CGI and live action to create fantastic worlds that pulse with real fun.

“I wanted to tell stories,” Delaporte says, so he transitioned from being a graffiti artist to becoming a self-taught animator and director. His very first film made history as France’s first full-length feature film created entirely with CGI. Entitled Kaena: The Prophesy, the film took seven years to complete and was nominated for a Golden Reel Award. It makes sense that Delaporte’s advice to new directors is, “Be patient!”

Since then, Delaporte has become known for weaving together cutting-edge computer graphics with stunning live-action visuals. He has brought his talent to numerous commercials and music videos and is currently writing his next feature. Inspired by “cinema, contemporary art, fashion and the wind whispering in my ear as I run in the woods,” he is happiest on set with “good talent, great light and a piece of chocolate cake.” He sees no boundaries where film is concerned. Whatever the story, no matter how unbelievable, Delaporte will bring it to life. What’s most incredible is that he will make it real.



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Chris Delaporte - CanalSat ''Holidays''

Chris Delaporte - Nestle "Grand Chocolate"

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